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Are you struggling to find an effective way to both increase physical fitness and mental clarity? stop looking; our classes use exercises, stretches, and mindfulness techniques designed to build your strength while improving your well-being – our goal is for the two aspects to coincide.

Yoga and Mindfulness Classes


Our classes take an integrative approach to health and well-being, combining gentle movement with breathwork and meditation techniques to foster balance and inner peace. No matter where you stand on your practice journey, our professional instructors will guide you through practices designed to nourish your body, calm your mind, and uphold your spirit.

Shital Sharma

Yoga Instructor

Shital stands as a beacon of holistic wellness, weaving together her expertise as a certified BreathWork Facilitator, Breathing for Yoga Instructor, and Mindful Yoga Instructor. Currently in training as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, she embodies a multifaceted approach to fostering emotional and physical resilience. With a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between breath, movement, and mindfulness, Shital guides her clients towards a deeper sense of well-being and inner peace.


Yoga Instructor

Mary’s journey in the fitness world spans over four decades, marking her as a seasoned expert since 1984. From the dynamic realms of group fitness classes like Aerobics, Sculpting, Spinning, to the serene practice of yoga, she has traversed various modalities with finesse and dedication. It was in 1989 when Mary’s path took a turn towards personalized training, earning her certification as a personal trainer, which allowed her to delve deeper into the individual needs of her clients.


Fitness Coach

Niki’s journey from competitive running to the world of dance is a testament to her relentless pursuit of passion and excellence. Beginning her athletic endeavors as a standout in the demanding discipline of competitive running, with a specialization in the 800M, she soon found herself drawn to the captivating world of dance.  After honing her skills at prestigious institutions such as Ballet Divertimento and Alvin Ailey, Niki’s commitment to her craft led her to graduate from Concordia University in 2008.

Mary is an excellent yoga instructor. She takes the time to explain in details how to perform each yoga pose, its  benefit and offers alternatives. She foster an environment where you can enjoy the class and progress at your own pace. I would highly recommend her, not just for her expertise, but for the profound impact she has on your well being, aligning your mind, body and soul to leave you feeling truly incredible. Thank you Mary!
Elona Shkembi
Looking for a fitness environment where you feel supported and included? Our classes are led by certified instructors dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming experience for all participants, no matter if they’re beginners or seasoned fitness enthusiasts – no matter the goal they can help you achieve safely and effectively!

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