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The Circle of Wellness Montreal is dedicated to one mission: to foster connection and harmony within the realms of the self - mind, body, and spirit. Our commitment is to offer specialized and high-quality services that address the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs of each individual. Our goal is to go beyond symptom management, delving into the roots of the problem and providing, a personalized approach through a combination of integrative, holistic and traditional forms of therapy.    

    Our  foundational values include integrity, authenticity, respect, and collaboration. 

These principles drive our work, enabling us to better serve and support you on your unique journey. 

  • Are you experiencing feelings of being stuck, bored or  stressed out?
  • Have significant life events left you feeling overwhelmed and lonely? 
  • Are you and your partner caught in repetitive and toxic communication patterns? 
  • Are you in search of new meaning and purpose in your career and life right now? 
  • Do you feel detached and want to connect more with your body and emotions? 
  • Are you struggling with weight fluctuation, food allergies and inflammation? 

If any of these feelings resonate with you, consider seeking support and guidance to cultivate a more fulfilling and balanced life.

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Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of healthcare that addresses the root causes of illness and treat common conditions such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleeping difficulties, headaches, digestive problems among others. 

We focus on treating the whole person to help achieve and maintain optimal health.

Currently, our services are all online. Please feel free to call for more information! 

Psychological Services 
Individual, Couples and Family Therapy 

Are you feeling in distress and overwhelmed? Do you feel alone and disconnected? 

Naturopathy and Nutrition Services

Are you looking to improve your nutrition? 

Are you struggling with weight fluctuation, food allergies and inflammation ? 

We can help!

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We will try to match you with the right therapist and the right treatment approach. Every one of you has unique needs and that is why we use an integrative approach to empower change and provide guidance and support during your journey.

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Currently all our appointments are online! 

Clients Success Stories

  • Our couple's therapist has helped us navigate day-to-day communication breakdowns, serious and challenging life events, and everything in between. She is insightful, sensitive, and always client-centred, skillfully adapting her approach to match our needs in each situation. 

    Thanks to The Circle of Wellness Montreal, we are a stronger and more resilient couple.

    - Amanda & Kalervo

  • Shital’s Embodied Mindfulness classes couldn’t have come at a better time: her guided practice helped me to deepen my mind-body connection and manage my anxiety at a time when I needed it most. While in the past I have struggled to simply sit and meditate, her approach of integrating breathwork, gentle yoga and movement into a mindfulness practice made meditation feel accessible and restorative. 

    Thank you Shital!

    - Elena

  • My therapist at the Circle of Wellness Montreal has been an incredible source of support during some of my toughest moments. Her expertise and compassion made a significant impact on my journey to better mental health. I can't thank them enough for the guidance and care I received. 

    Thanks to her I have found myself again! 

    - Dora

  • "Over the course of the two years we've been working with Nadja, we have deepened our bond as a couple. We have progressed from barely being able to have difficult discussions to understanding each other deeply. Nadja makes both of us feel heard, but is also able to challenge us in a kind way. With her encouragement, we have been able to grow in ways we did not know were possible. We could not recommend her more and are exceptionally grateful!"

    - Brandon and Andrea

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Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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